Thank you so much, my Master friend, ETIENNE VAN WESEMAEL for your words 

These days when professional kitchen and pastry-chefs catch up and are faced with a lot, and sometimes to mush, information around machineries, equipments, and products via different sources, is hard, takes a lot of time, and more and it's more difficult to make a good decision.

That's why the concept of Farofood is indeed a landmark for assistance and technical advise.

In my opinion the great force of Farofood is beside the versatile range in portfolio , but most importantly technical assistance done by passionate top-chefs.

They can guide the potential buyer, starter or renewer into the "jungle" of machineries, equipment, and products. This is a great use of time and investment for busy Chefs.

After the purchase the technical support goes on, start-up, consultancy and innovation, are the keywords of the Farofood company.

I had the opportunity to work together with one of Farofood's chefs

Nicolas Robechi is an ambitious young chef with a sky-high knowledge in Bakery, Traditional Pastry, Fine patisserie, Chocolates and he is as well a great master in sugar works.

Nicolas is also a real kitchen chef. He creates marvelous dishes and desserts.

He is a wonderful person, helpful and always ready for help and assistance. It was A pleasure to work with this great Chef!